Marysville Design-Build Electric


Current Solutions is an expert in design-build electric services in Marysville, WA. Our Marysville design-build electric services focus on integrating teams and harnessing specialized talents for a collaborative process to optimize project results. Our design-build electric engineers utilize systematic methods to improve the project value and minimize costs. Marysville design-build electric engineering provides advisory and technical design to improve the performance, efficiency, reliability and safety of buildings and facilities.

We offer design-build electric services to private and public entities, businesses, municipalities and federal agencies across the country. Our design-build electric goal is to design cost efficient power systems, minimize electric usage and maximize utility incentives.

Our Marysville design-build electric engineering services include:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Integrated project delivery
  • Value engineering
  • Construction cost estimating

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Marysville Design-Build Electrical


Marysville design-build electrical is a method by which owners have access to a single point of contact throughout the design and development of an electrical project. As a Marysville design-build electrical company, we work with all parties involved in the construction or modification of an electrical system.

Our team has the technical skills to provide Marysville design-build electrical services that encompasses consulting, analysis, design and electrical support services within any industry. Our comprehensive engineering services include hands on construction field experience. Our design-build electrical procedures address electric availability, reliability and safety. Our design-build electrical services include instrumentation and control engineering as well as facility start-up and testing services.

Our Marysville design-build electrical team will take care of the foundations of your power distribution systems such as:

  • Power distribution systems design
  • Emergency power systems
  • Alternative energy
  • Power system troubleshooting

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Marysville Design-Build Electricians


Our Marysville design-build electricians are highly qualified to handle low, medium and high voltage power distribution system designs. Our design-build electricians have worked on a variety of projects across the country for the finest organizations and brands. We work with Marysville design-build electricians focused on providing our clients with speciality services and efficient designs.

Our cost effectiveness is possible thanks to the knowledgeable Marysville design-build electricians that have developed the most adequate procedures. Protect your equipment’s life, your property and your investment with the advice of our design-build electricians. Our design-build electricians will procure all necessary permits and code compliances.

Our Marysville design-build electricians are rigorously trained to:

  • Maximize output and performance
  • Improve system reliability
  • Reduce equipment maintenance
  • Construction and usage costs

Trust the dependable Marysville design-build electricians from Current Solutions.

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