Tacoma Electrical Contractor


At Current Solutions, we have both residential and commercial electrical contractors in Tacoma, WA. We have a team of experts who have gone through a stringent training program to carry out their everyday tasks.

Our Tacoma electrical contractor team has the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot the less common issues and help solve your problems.

Our Tacoma electrical contractor company has a team of contractors who are trained professionals who are always punctual and do a high-quality job. We always expect the highest standards from our employees, hence excellent customer satisfaction.

We handle different electrical works, from remodeling to a new construction project.

If you are looking for a Tacoma electrical contractor company, we provide:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Residential electrical contractors
  • Commercial electrical contractors
  • Licensed electrical contractors

Our Tacoma electrical contractor company at Current Solutions is ready for your call. Call us today at (425) 320-5890.

Tacoma Electrical Company


Our Tacoma electrical company of technicians are well trained to handle electrical setups at your commercial location or your offices. Our Tacoma electrical company takes on the most complex projects, including large housing complexes.

We have also built an excellent reputation with our previous clients since we deliver our work on time, which causes minimal downtime in the day-to-day operations of commercial properties.

Our Tacoma electrical company is always ready for ongoing maintenance and to answer any questions that you might have about your electrical project.

Our Tacoma electrical company always ensures that your commercial electrical system is functioning correctly since we know the loss of power can cause loss of revenue and even personnel injuries.

Our Tacoma electrical company offers the following services:

  • Commercial electric services
  • Commercial electric assistance
  • Installing commercial electric systems
  • Commercial electric repairs

Our Tacoma electrical contractor company at Current Solutions is always ready to provide electrical solutions. Get in touch with our Tacoma electrical company at (425) 320-5890.

Tacoma Electrical Services


Our electrical contractor company also offers residential Tacoma electric services. We know that electrical problems in a home are very delicate and require professionals to handle them.

If your home has been having electrical issues, we recommend you call our Tacoma electrical services as soon as you can before the problem gets out of hand. An electrical problem can cause severe accidents in your home, including starting a fire.

Our Tacoma electrical services are not limited to electrical services at home. We also deal with advanced issues such as electric vehicle charging systems. If you plan to remodel your home, we are the people to call for your Tacoma electrical services.

Our Tacoma electrical services include:

  • Residential electric repairs
  • Residential electric services
  • Residential electrical assistance
  • Licensed residential electricians

Our Tacoma electrical contractor company at Current Solutions will deliver the best electrical work for you. Get in touch with us for our Tacoma electrical services today at (425) 320-5890.