Tacoma CCTV Installation


Are you looking for a reliable company that provides CCTV installation in Tacoma, WA, or surrounding areas? If the answer is yes, then Current Solutions is the name to trust. Whether you plan to have a Tacoma CCTV installation at your home or on your commercial or industrial property, you need a credible and experienced service provider.

Afterall, it is all about the safety and security of your family, employees, and property. Our Tacoma CCTV installation team offers top-notch Tacoma CCTV installation services and a friendly customer service that we are proud of.

In addition to delivering dedicated Tacoma CCTV installations, we also provide maintenance, repair, replacement, and troubleshooting services. Get in touch with our Tacoma CCTV installation experts today!

  • Surveillance camera installation
  • Home camera setup
  • Office camera installation service
  • Commercial security system
  • Residential security system
  • Remote monitoring services

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Tacoma CCTV Installers


There is a reason why more and more individuals and companies are hiring Tacoma CCTV installers these days. The Closed-Circuit Television service, commonly referred to as CCTV is basically a video surveillance system used for security purposes.

Whether you want your security cameras in your office or home, you need professional Tacoma CCTV installers to help you with the setup as well as maintenance to ensure that the intended system works smoothly and efficiently.

Our Tacoma CCTV installers ensure that your security comes first. Our company stands by the quality of work and effort these Tacoma CCTV installers put in. Along with our Tacoma CCTV installers, we also have expert teams of:

  • Design-build electricians
  • ERRCS installers
  • Fire alarm installers
  • Multi-use electricians
  • Residential electric contractors
  • Commercial electric contractors

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Tacoma CCTV Install


If you think finding good quality Tacoma CCTV install services at affordable rates is hard, you need to think again. Our Tacoma CCTV install services are widely used by homeowners to have more security and control over their properties.

Our Tacoma CCTV install services are carried out by friendly professionals who give you an honest quote. Whether you have a small business or a huge company, our Tacoma CCTV install services are customized according to your requirements, budget, and preferences.

In addition to providing you with great quality Tacoma CCTV install services, we also provide:

  • Multi-family electrical work
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Electrical services
  • Access controls installs
  • Access control installation services
  • Remote monitoring system installations

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