Seattle ERRCS Installation


Current Solutions is the expert to rely on for ERRCS installation in Seattle, WA properties. ERRCS install is an essential requirement for optimizing the safety of people trapped inside a building in an emergency.

Seattle ERRCS installation improves the quality of critical communications inside and outside the building. To provide the requested emergency assistance, first responders need their radios to work efficiently. They count on Seattle ERRCS installation for smooth communication from inside buildings with dispatch and officers outside.

It is the responsibility of building owners and facility managers to prevent radio communication failures by hiring skilled ERRCS installers. We are proud to be a trusted source for Seattle ERRCS installation services.

Contact today to discuss the requirement in your building for:

  • First responder communication system
  • ERRCS system
  • Emergency responder radio coverage system
  • First Responder DAS
  • First responder wireless solutions

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Seattle ERRCS Instal


Seattle ERRCS install creates a network that essentially re-transmits police or fire radio frequencies from outside the building to the inside. It means that the Seattle ERRCS install turns weak or non-existent signals into stronger ones.

Making 911 calls is of hardly any use for the people of a building if the first responders cannot operate their radios when they get inside. We remove this communication barrier through Seattle ERRCS install. We work diligently at seamless ERRCS installation that ensures radio signal reliability throughout a building, including in challenging areas like:

  • Stairwell radio signal
  • Elevator radio signal
  • Basement radio signal
  • Underground parking garage radio signal

Whether you need Seattle ERRCS install in a new building or want an existing building retrofitted, we have you covered.

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Seattle ERRCS Installers


Our company provides the services of well-trained and experienced Seattle ERRCS installers. We realize that the diligence and precision with which our Seattle ERRCS installers work determines how efficiently first responders can communicate with the other emergency personnel outside the building when a crisis arises.

Being an ethical, customer-friendly contractor, we ensure that our Seattle ERRCS installers handle all their jobs with meticulous attention to detail. Our top priority to customer safety and steadfast commitment to excellence in workmanship has helped us build a stellar reputation as Seattle ERRCS installers.

We cater to a diverse clientele, and the properties we visit for ERRCS installation include:

  • Residential apartment
  • Commercial complex
  • Corporate building
  • Healthcare facility

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